Work Policy for DoTask Marketplace

Welcome to DoTask Marketplace ("us", "we", or "our"). Our Work Policy is designed to ensure a fair, transparent, and efficient working environment for all users on our platform. Please read this policy carefully to understand the guidelines for posting and completing Micro Jobs.

  1. Job Posting Guidelines:

    a. All job postings on DoTask Marketplace must be accurate, truthful, and comply with our content guidelines.

    b. Users posting jobs are responsible for providing clear instructions, requirements, and expectations for the task.

  2. Communication and Collaboration:

    a. Users are encouraged to communicate openly and collaborate effectively to ensure the successful completion of Micro Jobs.

    b. Clear and respectful communication fosters a positive working environment on DoTask Marketplace.

  3. Payment and Compensation:

    a. Users offering Micro Jobs must provide fair compensation for the work involved.

    b. Payment terms and amounts should be agreed upon by both parties before initiating a job.

  4. Job Completion and Satisfaction:

    a. Micro Jobs should be completed in accordance with the terms agreed upon by both the job poster and the freelancer.

    b. Users are encouraged to resolve any issues related to job completion amicably.

  5. Dispute Resolution:

    a. In the event of disputes, users are encouraged to resolve issues through open communication.

    b. If disputes cannot be resolved, users may contact DoTask Marketplace for assistance.

  6. Professional Conduct:

    a. Users are expected to conduct themselves professionally and ethically on DoTask Marketplace.

    b. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior is strictly prohibited.

  7. Termination of Accounts:

    a. Accounts may be terminated for users found in violation of our Terms of Service or this Work Policy.

    b. Users have the right to terminate their accounts at any time.

  8. Feedback and Reviews:

    a. Users are encouraged to provide honest and constructive feedback after the completion of a Micro Job.

    b. Reviews contribute to the transparency and reliability of the DoTask Marketplace community.

  9. Contact Us:

    a. If you have questions or concerns about our Work Policy, please contact us at

By using DoTask Marketplace, you agree to comply with the guidelines outlined in this Work Policy.

Thank you for choosing DoTask Marketplace!

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